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Graphic Design Portfolio


Below are a mixture of different graphics that I've solo-designed over the years, covering a mix of types & mediums; flyers, digital ads, book covers, wallpapers, 3d models and more.

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Imperial Startup Weekend

Poster for a Startup Weekend event I co-organised as Vice President of my university's entrepreneur society.

Leavers Poster

Poster of King Edward VI Camp Hill 2012 Leavers, featuring the whole of my Upper Sixth year.

Blocks Flyer

A flyer designed for the CES convention showcasing the world's first modular smartwatch.

Blocks Poster

A recruitment poster designed to target engineering students while I studied at Imperial College London.

hJ Canvas Wallpaper

A wallpaper design for my logo depicting an engracing into a canvas textured medium.

Gran Canaria 2012

One of my photographs edited with a brand watermark for my school year leaver's holiday.

River Quote

A favourite quote designed as a Facebook cover for my personal FB profile page.

APi Logo

Logo design for a fictional in-game weapons manufacturer. Designed with an electric blue theme.

Yearbook Cover

Design for the King Edward VI Camp Hill 2012 Leavers Yearbook, featuring school building wireframe and map.


Poster advertising an upcoming iPhone and Android stealth game. Game production is currently inactive.

Leavers Logo

Logo for the King Edward VI Camp Hill 2012 Leavers. Based on the original school logo.

Super Soldier

An edited 'Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3' in-game screenshot, taken during a Predator explosion.

hJ Watch

3D model of a metal watch embedded with the original 'hJ' logo, with a brushed-steel finish.

Drone Models

3D models of high-speed air, land and water drones. All designed around an electric theme.


Graphic of a plaque of an inspiring quote defining success. Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Rambo Poster

A friend's photo taken at a shooting range photoshopped into a 'Rambo' movie poster, featuring Josh Distin.

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