about me
Below you'll find my life story, nearly 100 pages long... haha, just kidding!
I've only included a summary of that crazy story  :)

Who Am I?

My name's Hakeem. Some call me Haks. Online I go by my alias, hakJav. I'm a pretty ambitious techie and a huge traveller. To sum me up, I want to make a difference to the world whilst experiencing as much of it as I can! My hobbies are quite diverse - video games, football, badminton, motorcycling, and quite recently the piano - and of course, the one thing that will always comes first is family :)

I'm known to be quite a friendly and positive individual, and whenever I see an opportunity to inspire others to chase their dreams, I always take it. Most people worry about failure, but if you don't try, you've already failed. As Nelson Mandella said, "It always seems impossible until it's done."

Just try, and you'll be surprised at what you're capable of.

My Story

I started coding aged 12. At 15, I used those skills to sell websites. Over the next 3 years I'd also mastered graphic design & video production. Around 18, I turned down an offer to study at the University of Cambridge to study a more practical Computer Science degree at Imperial College London. 2 years later, I dropped out of university to co-found my first tech company.

People often ask whether I regret dropping out of university. I truly don't. I went to university to learn programing languages so I could build digital products, and Imperial's course was so intense I'd managed to do that in just the first year. After that, I hated wasting my time building apps and programs just to be graded. I wanted to contribute to the real world and try to at least make a difference. So, that's what I did.

Building my first tech company, 'BLOCKS', taught me more than I ever could have imagined, more than any degree ever could have. I worked with giants including Intel, Barclays, Google, Verizon and more, presented to audiences nearly reaching 1000 in number over in America, and won numerous awards most notably from the Royal Family and the Mayor of London.

After a year, it came to a point where I had to make one of the hardest decisions of my life: either dedicate 5 to 10 years growing the company with a great chance of making millions, or leave the company to work on ideas that I knew I'd enjoy a million times more, ideas that would make more a positive impact in this world. I knew I had the skills to build another company, so in the end I decided to leave.

Since then, I've worked on numerous innovative products across a variety of industries - healthcare, travel, education, music - and once again, I learnt significantly more than I expected. Now, I believe I've found two promising projects that I'll be working on for many years to come.

The first is 'Groww', an A.I. I'm building to help small businesses around the world save both time & money. 'Omnate' is the other, a project dedicated to saving lives on a global scale by helping each of us donate more effectively to causes we care about. You can learn more about them here.

The Future

My goal in life is to make a genuine difference to this world. I have numerious unique ideas I'd love to work on in the future, each solving real problems with beautiful simplicity, but they won't come to life anytime soon. Groww and Omnate are more than enough for now, both of which have truly great potential.

If you'd like to join me on my ambitious journey, you're more than welcome to. I rarely email or post updates on Facebook or Twitter, but when I do, it's always big news. You can subscribe via email or follow me on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn right here.


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